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When George Eusterman retired from his secular career in the health club industry, he never dreamed that God would one day use his brainchild,, to minister to the financial needs of so many Christian ministries. began as Eusterman’s attempt to apply his EFT expertise to help the cause of Christ, allowing him to invest his post-retirement years in things that are eternal.

Sample giving webpage

Sample giving webpage

Relying on his 15 years of experience with EFT systems to achieve more regular payment of health care dues and his over 10 years of helping ministries achieve more faithful giving, George Eusterman is here to serve the body of Christ. Eusterman and the team can help your ministry develop strategies for effectively implementing recurring electronic giving portals, as well as other technologically advanced options, to achieve greater stability and growth.

While the technology and security used by is on par with those implemented by Fortune 500 companies, our online giving tools are uniquely designed with Christian ministries (and their limited budgets!) in mind.

Our goal is singular: to help churches and parachurch ministries more reliably receive the financial support needed to enable them to minister to those that God entrusts to them. In keeping with that goal, we do not make our services available to secular non-profit organizations or even Christian businesses.

Our main services include the following:

• Extensive Training, Support, and Consultation
• Expert Donation Management
• Electronic Giving Accounts (EFTs)
• Ever-expanding Formats for Online Giving

1. Extensive Training, Support, and Consultation

When your church or parachurch organization signs up with, you’re beginning a long-term ministry partnership with us. We hope you’ll consider us a valuable member of your ministry team, providing you with the tools, support, and encouragement you need to take your giving system to a greater level.

2. Expert Donation Management

Because our online tools are equipped with custom links to many management systems, it’s fairly likely that you’ll be able to continue using your current system, along with our user-friendly tools. We currently link-up with programs made by Microsoft, QuickBooks, Ekyros, Way Cool, and others. API links to CRM software are also in the works.

3. Electronic Giving Accounts (EFTs)

This original service provided by is a response to the often unintentional unfaithfulness of givers. Sadly, forgetfulness has led to the return of missionaries from foreign fields and undue stress to many ministries. With our electronic giving accounts, the ministries we serve typically see a 95% retention rate over a 5-year period. That kind of stability frees workers up to do what they do best: minister to people’s needs.

4. Ever-expanding Formats for Online Giving

Especially designed for special project funding, we can create giving pages that blend seamlessly with your website’s design. This kind of access can also be formatted to allow your constituents to register and pay for programs or upcoming events.

If your ministry could benefit from more faithful giving, simpler management options, and strategic financial planning, consider partnering with

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